Your Life is in Your Hands!

A bold statement but a very true one.

Your journey through life is up to you.So many times we strive to lay the blame with others.

When you learn the truth, that everything is up to you .

Your whole outlook on life changes.

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If you have read the other blog about Mindset, you will be on the way to understanding.

I once heard a surgeon say of a paitent friend of mine.

The rest is up to him,recovery is an option.

Some choose to face the wall and let go.

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The first principle is knowing that you do and can make a difference, to your mindset.

This is also related directly to the way  you live.

My journey had many changes ,twists and turns,

The correct mindset was the confirming action in all cases.

Climbing, Mountaineering, Skiing, all required training and then the correct Mindset.

Microlight Flying, the same process, Learn using the correct Mindset.

Then you can fly.

I started a shop, I worked in the Law courts, I offered to be a Magistrate.

All of these things required from me. The correct Mindset and attitude.

Now I am on my way to becoming a Internet Marketing Millionaire.


My wife Mary and myself had a wonderful life.

Lived every day to its best.

Loved and laughed,blamed only ourselves.

We were in charge of us.

After 22 years of desease, we lost out battle .

Blame, No, Gratefullness for the wonderful times we spent together.


This is what we learn in Life. It starts and ends with YOU.


The correct Mindset is,so you can live your life to the full.

Follow the Video sequence and you will learn the correct way.

Your Life is in Your Hands.


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Bill Morrow