You are in Charge of Your Destiny.

Survival instinct clicks in when we are in trouble,if you are aware of it or not.

Your Mind takes over.

The instinct to Run Hide Fight. are all built into your DNA.

What makes you, you.

We live with it are brought up with it ,not knowing it is there to protect

you and to make you survive any problems.

When you are in business and are investing,You have to control your Instincts,Bad Wrong ,Too Much,Do not .

Comfreak / Pixabay

In any walk of life these are all Negative and leave you wanting to get control.

Now you have to control your Mindset.

If not you will never achieve what you want.

It will always be safer than safe,No Risk,No Distress,No Profit.

In Business you cannot survive.

You have to Invest in Your Ideas,in Your Plans to achieve Success.

Watch this Video where I talk about your control on The Mind.

We can all talk but only you can control your mind.

Fear Anger Doubt ,lack of confidence, will all make you Fail.

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Bill Morrow