Video 105 The 5 Rules for Wealth,

Starting from 6 Thousand Years ago in the City of Babylon, this is where commerce was said to have really started .Where they learnt how to control their wealth , By saving investing and loaning for fees.

Has it really changes , no , Th wealth is still controlled by the 1% of the population.

So the question is , do you want to be part of that 1%. Sure it is a lot of responsibility, are you willing and able to cope.

Follow this series of Videos and I will teach you the real answers to how to keep the money you are making. Also how to make it in the first place.

There are two aspects we have to learn , the correct Mindset, the attitude of mind control and then how to control the wealth .

Then learn that wealth is more than just money.

Follow to become rich,

Your Guide is Bill Morrow