The Diamond Cutter, Your Life in Business.150.

The Diamond Cutter

The story is not about Diamonds,it is about the Industry,
its values and trust which are paramount in the business.
The writer did work and build a very large company
in the Diamond industry.
Since November 2018 I have read and converted into Learning Videos.
Over Thirty Books on Meditation and The power of The Mind. here are al of the Videos made by me.

Now I have found the one Book which tops them all.

It is called ,The Diamond Cutter,The Buddha on Managing you Business and your Life.
By Geshe Michael Roach and Lama Christie Mc Nally.
Geshe Michael Roach (an Irishman) spent 22 years learning and qualifying as a Geshe( Master of Buddhism)
I will not reprint or copy this book as it is too good in its present form.
It needs to be read in full.
There are many stories of success using the directions and teaching of the book.
The majority use the book as a reference to continue to run their businesses and their lives.
One man claimed to have read it 30 times,most read it the use it for reference.

The author started in the diamond business as an errand boy,a messenger .
Applying the teachings quietly ,the business expanded to a multi million turnover .
The principles you will learn can be applied in all forms of business .
The number one principle is ,that it regards the workers as the important part of the business.
Help others to succeed ,means in turn you will succeed.

The principles of trust and dedication are the keystone to the diamond industry .
This makes it such a perfect example to all types of business,large and small.
There are Seven Principles in the Teaching;

There are 46 Examples of Business Problems Solved .

The Wisdom comes from India,Tibet,
English,The Diamond Cutter,A High Ancient Book from The Ways of Compassion.
A Book which teaches Perfect Wisdom.
Here is the Video Link; Video 150

The greatest Books in the World mean nothing if they are not read,understood and actioned upon.

Accident or Destiny,Belief. Your Choice and Your Actions,make your Life.

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