Frustration to Freedom to Millionaire

Frustration to Freedom to Millionaire,

by Bill Morrow ,The Dot Com Gran dad

Learn the pathway,

To Teaching and Controlling The Mind

The Subconscious,

To achieve all Your Goals in Life.

7 Steps to being Rich/ The Wealthy man’s Guide,


This Book is dedicated to my Wife Mary
Who never gave up ,

Fought for twenty two years against illness.
Believed and helped all around her.
Inspired me to go on and Succeed.

To Mike Goodier our friend ,the supplier of many of the books.
Who believed in what I was doing.

With The Courage to Take Action and Belief in myself and others.

Bill Morrow


Over the years I have alway wanted to teach and to learn.
To pass on what I have learned.

Starting in Dublin I had a very good general education,
Moving on to four different schools.
Ending at a teachers training college.
Where we were the pupils under attack.

Maths , English and Science were my best subjects.
Life was an adventure,
The Peat bog,in the hill with friends and family cutting ,Turf.
We all took turns at the different jobs,cutting,catching, stacking.
Then time for a cup of tea which we had to make.
Build a fire, water into the black bent tin can,soon bubbling,drop in a small piece of stick into the water this catches all the unwanted bits.
Scoop them out in with the tea.
Soon ready.
Probably with a piece of Mum’s
Fruit cake.
Then back to work

The Harvesting, the hay carts.
Family gatherings.meeting and helping each other .

Adventures were everywhere,fishing in ponds and streams.
Building hides in the bushes ,Climbing trees .
Learning to swim in the ponds

First job,Worked in a Glass and Hardware shop in the Center of Dublin,here life was different with tasks and timing
But still interesting and enjoyable.

My bicycle, no money for bus fares , so the bicycle was bought so much per week , Freedom out and about.
Then there was only a few cars and some horses to share the roads with.

Leave the Nest. Joined The Royal Marines.Realized there was more life outside shops, so off again for more adventure.

My Motorcycle. Triumph speed twin . Powerful at that time and again I enjoyed the open roads .

First Car,Morris Minor, Wonderful and so easy to maintain, very easy to punch out dents .

The You tube Videos This came into being after me joining Wealth Academy, where my Mentor Shaqir Hussyin,

Set me a challenge for 100 days. Completed the first 100 day challenge
Now started on the second , this allows me to focus my mind on time and getting thigs done in a certain timessale, and I am learning a new skill as well
Later I will start You tube advertising.

The Challenge this is what we set ourselves,daily all through life to be better and gain more information.
To Improve your life and also the lives of others.
Remember; Improve your Mine and Give to others.

The Challenge

The Challenge.
While attending a Meeting at Hilton Hotel London 21,24 September 2018 Traffic Conference.
Here I was given the challenge by my Mentor;
Shaqir Hussyin , to make a video every day for 100 days.
To improve my image and confidence.

The subject was to be my story of progress ,how over the past 22 year.
I had learned and done a lot on Internet marketing.
But failed to connect it all together and make money from it in any quantity.

The answer was to be aimed at, Business Men and Women,
Owners, Workers,
Some having problems coping.
Those Preparing to Retire, thinking of it,

Frustrated with ; Problems at work
           Progress with work and regulations,
        Problem of Cash flow, how to improve it.
        Preparing and coping with staff pensions
        And company pensions.

Freedom, How to achieve it and retire with it in tact.
To  build a new complete Business to solve all of the problems.
For everyone who wanted to start and follow the flow.

So started the 100 day challenge , I took my subject as being the correct Mindset
For the job.

I had read and followed the subject of the mindset for some years.
And we all use the system without realizing it.

Using the book I had, I started and reread making notes to enable me to talk on the subject.

This I found was the best way ,not by making a complete reading, just headings.
So the words and explanations were mine.

I was talking and explaining the subject as I understood it.
So read learn and Teach all at the same time.

Yes because I was also using my own experience of years learning, teaching, I was giving value, in everything I did.

More books were supplied by Mike Goodier ,bought used and stacked.

So I dusted them off and started again.

Using more elements ,Reading Hearing and Seeing.
Over 30 Books are used in the making ,none were injured.

The more we use the mind the easier it is to get results.

We tend to believe ,learning is only for school,(negative belief)
We are learning every minute of the day,hearing, seeing, and thinking.

The average is 50,000. Thoughts each day,uncontrolled by you.
They will still keep coming.
So make it 50,000 Big Thoughts .

Be the owner of the first exploding brain.

No it will not happen , I have tried and all is still calm.

But it works better ,gets more results from continual and frequent use.

The main and repeated element in the theme was repetition , as we did at school.

This still holds good now. Using many systems to get the detail into the Subconscious
Mind. Your inner mind, your inner self.

This has been our main aim, to harness the power of the Mindset.

The first 100 videos have been completed and I am now well into the second group.

Because of the great interest in the first set of 100 ,
I will continue with a similar theme , to teach you all the simple details of how you can get and continue
To be wealthy.

The First Book explaining the Video teaching is well on its way.

I also plan to make a complete series of easy to read Books on Internet Marketing

The Aim

Going from Frustrated to Freedom had to have a real direction
And have a Target.

The target was to learn how to set up and use a winning Website.

I set my site up with the help of Wealth Academy.

Again on the following thought of Thinking and dreaming , which is what we all do.

My real problem over the past 22 years , was I tried to do it all on my own.

Yes I did learn how to set up websites and blogs, funnels and Email Lists.

All was possible , but something was missing , there was no backup
For me , when I went wrong , I had to start again.

So ask for help and you got a single reply,not a complete answer.

I joined Wealth Academy and found the real answer.

A company which new what it was doing and was willing to teach others completely.

My Mentor Shaqir Hussyin had done it all, invested in others learned and started teaching.

Now I gladly learn from him and his team.

How to set up and run a complete website with sales funnels and email lists.

Making a steady income and teaching others to do the same.

The feeling is wonderful , to know you are on the right road.
Achieving your Goals.

Hitting your Targets , which has been our 100 day goals.

The Process

I will not go through all 100 Videos
And write down the contents.

I will however go through the Main Books and give you the
Main Message.

Where it all started in 1930 ;

The process was started by Andrew Carnegie,who
Had a survey carried out on 500 Top Business Men and Women,
In the world to get the answer.

How do They do it, Why are they so successful.

The result was produced by Napoleon Hill.

In his memorable Book , Think and Grow Rich.

Then started the follow on where others started as he did ,then they

Made small changes to his ideas.

As the books have been written the trend and thinking has been the same.

From the early days of Six Thousand Years ago when it is regarded to have started in the City of Babylon

Here is where Commerce as we know it started .
The traders ,
The Crafts men
The Dealers,
Money lenders.
The Law Makers
The Law Keepers.

So the first principles were thought to the Merchants on the directions of
The King.
By The Wealthiest man in Babylon.

  1. Save 10% of your earnings and Invest it Wisely
  2. Invest and Reinvest for better growth.
    Do not be advised or drawn into spending for no gain .
    Impulse buying with poor or no returns
  3. Use good advice to invest your funds,go to the people who know
    And who are achieving the better returns.
  4. Use the best advice,with a positive desire, and be aware of the progress
    Keep up to date with the progress of your investment.
    Be aware of the money market,Look and listen.
  5. Do not expect impossible returns.
    Avoid Scams and Cheats, those after easy money.

Always pay your debts, on time.
Yes where you can borrow others money.
Allowing yours to gain a better investment return.

Where funds are not used for Living ,clothing and travel.
These are to also be saved.

These are the First and Basic Principles of Becoming Financially Free.

In the second part of our journey we learn of Th Mindset .

The Mental process to enable us to achieve our Financial freedom.

We will go into detail of how the Mindset process works in a later Chapter.

But we do have two separate and different requirement ,to the whole process of
Wanting to and being able to make money.

How to Acquire The Money.
Where are we going to get the money,
How do we start.
Who is going to tell us how.
Can we really expect someone to show us how to make money
When they could be doing so for themselves.

Over the years ,tradesmen have taught apprentices to carry on the trade,
In doing this they are unable to make any money from the work of the learner.
The apprentice is paid a retaining wage.
As the work produced by the apprentice improves , so it can be charged for ,
Being under the responsibility of the Tradesman.
So the trades man is making some return on his teaching outlay,mainly his time.

In our case we are interested in Internet marketing.
The Host , has a system he is running and earning good money from.
He is only able to work a certain number of hours.
So he can call in apprentices to learn the system , here he will charge a fee to enable them to learn.
This can be a one time fee , or it can be a percentage of the items sold.
The payment can relate to the fee charged.
The Owner now is earning further commission and fees from the efforts of others.
Allowing his working system to work for many others and he is making an incomer from the Many.

So what does the owner do now as he is not working so hard.
Makes more bigger and better systems, again releases to more apprentices.
Everyone is happy, the income is gained and extended .

This is how the magic happens.
Buy a system which is working , this can be of any size.
Simple or complex, if you are looking at the Full working system the you cannot expect the full
Returns from a cut down system.

In my case I opted to have full system made for me.

I selected the Domain Name.
The site is built ,opt in pages , Sales Funnels, Items for sales Auto responders,follow up emails.
Follow up sales team,Blog Sites.
A complete working system.

Over the years where I was learning , I did do it all on my own. I made the Websites.
Set up the working Auto responders and made the follow up emails.

What was missing, I was having poor responses to the effort I was putting into the system.

Then I realized what it was , Go to the Man who has Succeed to get the best advive.
So the book reading did give a return at last.

I found Wealth Academy and Shaqir Hussyin , here was a man who had made it big.
Also he was continuing to get bigger, a sure sign that the system was a working and lasting.
Teaching others to follow his success , just what I am looking for.

So I made contact and joined one on the entry points, I took action.
The following was a journey to my success.

If I had not made the move and joined , I would still be thinking.


So by taking my actions I am well on my way to success.

The biggest asset to all of this is .

I am not on my own, I am in contact and am contacted to see to and enable my progress .
This is the biggest advantage of being able to ask for advice.

This has been my progress and the progress of my Mentor.
The person I follow for advice and guidance in all of my Internet Marketing projects.

Yes once you learn from the Mentor , you are able to make progress on your own.
Without being on your own.
You are a member of The Family.

The Wealthy Mans Guide

Who is the wealthy man,

It is the man and Woman who is taking action .

The one standing out front , talking and giving the advice.

They are prepared to share their knowledge and have been for six thousand years.

They do not work on their own .

Take many examples.
Mr Henry Ford,

He wanted to make Motor Cars
So he did but , then started to Automate the process so the efforts of the few could help the many.

We in the Internet Marketing are doing the same process.
Automating , by allowing others to follow what we are doing .
To follow the systems and clone what is working.

The system has worked so well for many years.

By following the example of High Earners such as Wealth Academy Owner.

Mr Saquir Hussyin, he has been working his systems for 10 Years
And made over 30 Thousand Pounds.
His object is to grow and grow over the years and to teach
Others how to follow his lead.

Now it is your turn to get involved.
All you have to do is ,take action and make contact.
In this book you have so many chances, to click the links.
Send an Email.
Make a phone call
Call on Skype.

Reading a book like this , is not only for your information ,it is also for your success, your future.
Every Journey starts with the first step.

Meaning nothing will happen after you read this or any book .
Unless You Take Action,Want to get involved, want to better yourself.
Want to make money for your Future and Family and Friends.

This is all it takes,
Click the link and take action.
Your Life will change, we will be with you at the start and on the full journey.
As I said before we are a family, so we look after each other

But it must start with your action . Make contact

The Wealthy men who gain and build their fortunes are Team players.

They learn from and work with other wealthy people.
Once you become a member you will realise you are not working on your own.
There are so many groups webinars and contacts.
You never feel on your own, you are part of everything.
This is the way new information is passed on to each other.

So we learn from and help each other with things we have tried
And are working on.

Would you like to start a new life and be part of something better and bigger than you.

Happy , where you are or can you get into action and follow.
What I am doing and going to show you.

The benefit is to me when I get others to follow and succeed in what 
I am doing .

Go where you want in the World.
Have what you want in the World
Live where you want in the World.

 I am on my way now and have people following what I am doing.
Better still I have people  , who are  doing what I am showing them.

They are on their way to whatever it is that drives them.

I have the income , now , for me to be happy for the rest of my life.

This in not my Goal in Life.

It is to help others achieve what I have done ,
without spending  all your life , finding the correct way.

The proof is easy to see.
My Mentor, is teaching me , to help you to get the success you deserve.

Why .? Because  you have taken  ACTION and are interested in your future

and that of your Friends and Family

More Thinking;
What does that mean ?

Your Body is like a Car.
Your Brain is like the Engine
Your Mind is like the Steering Wheel, controls the  direction and your Destination.

We will not get into Biology classes    .
You all know the basics.

The brain works our body.

The Mind is who you are, 
Your Inner Self
Your Personality.
Your Soul.

Alright, How do we condition or control it.

Practice , Practice,   and More Practice   

Once you accept the routine Then,

Get started , the journey becomes a pleasure.

Again I am going to Break with tradition  and follow the Most Important Subject ;

What is The Meaning of Life?

Yes I warned you things will be different ;

To me and from all my reading research  and asking.
The answer comes as something simple. 

We are all waiting for some big revelation,
 something we cannot achieve.
We all have the ability to achieve our goals.

We were born ,for this task.

Think of the Big Men and women of History.
Their names are not important,
The message they left,are, their learning.
Their Learning and research ,into the correct answers to 
Their chosen subject.

Their Meaning of Life , was To Learn and pass on the Information.

This process has gone on since time began.

The Cavemen , learnt how to hunt , gather,build shelters
Protect themselves.
To live in safety.
Educate, themselves and their children.

Everything we take for granted , which we see as our rights.

Our Ancestors , fought and died for our future and our Present.
The caveman ,died and gave the information to his friends and family.

What is your Intention.?

The question we Now Ask is , in modern terms.

    What is Your Why?

What are your aims and ambitions.
What do you want to do
What do you want to Achieve.
What are your targets in Life.
What do you want to pass on.

This my friends is what Life is all about.

Everything around us , Friends, Family Work , Play.

Allows us to gain more information and experience .

Travel. Holidays, other Cultures, Religions.

This is all the learning process for you and me.

We learn ,we earn, we become who we are.

Through this process;

The big question I have to ask You is;

What is Your WHY.

The reason , you believe you are here in this life.

How do you want to ,improve the system and the lives of others.

A Teacher , Worker, manager policeman,

These people made a decision , took an action to 

Improve their situation  and help others.

They decided on their WHY.

I ask that simple question again ?

What is your WHY.

We are not back at school. So I will tell you .
What is my why.

Over the years of working and learning,

Problems and answers, friends and family.

I have always taken on the challenges.

Learning by doing, by taking action.

In doing so I have gained a lot of knowledge and experience.

My Why, is to Help others.

To pass on the knowledge and information .

To help others gain what I have gained .

I am offering you a way forward  without all  of the learning.

This a sales  Pitch, If you believe that . Stop reading.

People are prepared to help others , without financial gain.

But , the gain does come in many forms, 
Gaining confidence from the feed back 
In my case in the internet business, I help.
Others to gain and do what I have done.
Succeed where I have succeeded.
Follow by example   .
I have followed of many and now it is Shaqir Hussyin , my Mentor
There is wonderful satisfaction , to seeing people 
following what you have thought and seeing then succeed.
As I have said the benefits are many.

Another Irish saying , and there are many of them .

A stranger, is a friend you have not met.
So , by going through life with this outlook,
 you are going to have more pleasures than problems.

This brings me easily on to the next subject.

Problems are simply situations presented to us 
for our attention , 
To simply solve and make the situation better.

They are not walls , barriers, or blockades.
They are your change to change for the better.

Here  are Three process in the method.
It is called having the correct Mindset.

One; The Dream, Thought, or Wish
Two; The plan of action, how do I achieve , One.
Three;  Taking Action to Achieve your Goal = 3 = 3+2=1 Success.

As you go through Life , you have problems,
Each one is a means of you learning a Better Way , or solution.
Possible it raises more problems.
What does this do, allows you to get better answers.
It comes down to The First Element , of the process
One , The Dream,Thought, or Wish.
Before we go  any further. 
Where is this Mind, we are trying to change.
Biology, We learnt Heart, Lungs, Liver, Stomach, Brain.
Mind , I do remembering seeing that in the Books or Diagrams.
So , you are thinking it does not exist.
Books do not lie.
Oh, Yes they do. They can also ignore , not wanting to get involved.
We do, we are very aware of its importance.
The inner you 
The voice talking to you.
Your soul., debatable, but who has the answer.
We, You have the answer.
It is all part of who you are.
Your mind never stops, It can keep you awake at night.
Solving problems, which you did not know you had.
You have to learn to control and Focus your Mind.
This process is called ,your Mindset.
Having the Correct Mindset allows you to be in control.
Of Your Mind.

The question was, Where is the Mind ?
To me it is in my left foot.
Oh, yes it is. for in fact it does not ,
Appear on Ex rays of our brain or body.
Is it Magic, No it is in fact ,You. 
Your Life, Who you are. Personality.
The inner you. The wee small voice.
Your collective learning and experiences.
So like any part of the body.
The more you use it the better it becomes.
Go to the Gym to get and keep fit.
You cannot take your Mind to a class .
Yes you can , it is called Life.
Knowing that you can improve,
and develop your mind for the benefit of you .
Your whole self.
The fact, if you remember is. The Mind is The Steering wheel.
The control of US, You.
So , it is One, The Dream, Thought, Wish, from ,inside or outside.
The process we and our minds go through, to improve.
How well you learn to use your mind .
Is the answer to Who You are. 
The learning process started when you were born.
Then it became example from parents, friends, neighbours
Learning and improving never stops.

For some people ,it never starts .
They do not evolve and do not want , to improve.
Known as being in your comfort zone.
These can be sad cases of people, being afraid to learn.
Some will think , If I improve, I will have to get a JOB.
I like where I am. In my comfort zone.
The one feature which puts us above the animals,
We look after the , sad and sick. This is being caring and human.
With wars and fights , you could think otherwise.

In the end it all comes down to You Taking Action , or Not taking.
The only sure way your Life will change is to Take Action , NOW

Best Wishes Bill Morrow see you on the inside